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HolesoviceMalá StranaOld Town
Bohemia Bagel Holešovice - Burger Bar
Dukelských hrdinu 48, Praha 7
(across from the Park Hotel, and next to Stromovka park)
Tel.: 220 806 541
Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-23:00
Kitchen closes at 22:45
Bohemia Bagel’s newest restaurant combines a traditional bagel shop with a wide selection of home made burgers from traditional Cheeseburgers to our Greek inspired Lamb burger, and a full bar offering some of the best cocktails in Prague. We offer a special Lunch Menu Mo-Fri and Weekend brunch from 10am-4pm. More details in our menu section. Free WiFi.
Map: here

Bohemia Bagel Lázeňská
Lázeňská 19, Praha 1 - Malá strana
(just a few steps from Charles Bridge)
Tel.: 257 218 192
Open: Mon-Fri 7:30-17:00, Sat-Sun 7:30 - 18:00

Bohemia Bagel’s relaxing and modern Bagel Café with fresh bagels baked daily, breakfast served anytime of day, a wide selection of fresh salads, homemade American desserts from New York Cheesecakes to "grandma´s" apple pie, and fresh ground gourmet coffee. Free Wifi.
Map: here

Bohemia Bagel Masná
Dear Loyal Customers

The BAD NEWS first
We regret to inform you that we are changing our concept for this location.
Bohemia Bagel will be closing as of June 15th 2014.

Bohemia Bagel will continue at our Holesovice location (Dukelskych Hrdinu 48, Praha 7) and our Charles Bridge location in Mala Strana (Lazenska 19 , Praha 1) Our bagels will also be on sale at Au Gourmand locations. (One is around the corner at Dlouha 10.)
Our products are availible by order as well (C.O.D.) Please contact Marketa Viskova at tel. 220 806 590 or email:

We plan on re-opening a location in Old Town but this will take some time.
Our wholesale operations to cafes and hotels etc continues apace!

In October we will open a Mexican Fine Dining Bar & Restaurant
here on Masna under the Burrito Loco brand.
Come enjoy a modern taco menu and other fine Mexican dishes complete with a full cocktail bar and smiling, friendly, Czech and English speaking staff.
(And some Spanish we hope!) .

We thank you for your years of faithful patronage.
We hope you will continue to visit us as we transform our concept.

Sincerely: Glenn Spicker, Scott Kelly, Pavel Matousek
Europe Bagels s.r.o -

Tel.: +420 224 812 560

Bohemia Bagel restaurants are located at three different locations in Prague's city centre. Choose one from the menu above. Or Lesser Town, Old Town and Holešovice, You will find great food and an even better atmosphere in each of our restaurants.
Our restaurants are equipped with a special frying oil filter, VITO, which is based on a patented process of mechanic microfiltering which ensures better taste and quality of fried meals. We use only high-quality palm oil with zero trans fatty acids.
Customer discounts available for ISIC and ITIC card holders. Additionally, we offer discounts for frequent visitors on Foursquare network and free coffee for the Mayor at each of our restaurants.
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