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In 1996, a team of American and Czech entrepreneurs opened an American-style restaurant in the heart of Prague. The appeal would be broad: everyone from Czech people in search of a more health-conscious offering to the new influx of tourists arriving in the "Golden City" after the fall of communism in 1989. The featured items on the menu would be a variety of special breads made from all-natural ingredients – with a hole in the middle. Thus was the bagel re-introduced to Prague.

The bagel is several centuries old, native to Europe and once a staple of Polish and Austro-Hungarian bakers. It began to emigrate west with millions of Eastern Europeans at the end of the 19th century. This meant a loss of bakers, and coupled with more economic and basic breads, the bagel all but disappeared from Europe by the mid-20th century.

Meanwhile, however, the bagel had landed comfortably in New York City, its recipe fiercely safeguarded by an elite union of bakers. Its popularity only grew, helped along by the testimonials of celebrities from Joan Rivers to Ahmad Rashad. By the 1990s, Americans were buying more bagels than doughnuts. It was time for the bagel to come home.

At first, Czechs didn’t quite know what to make of the odd-shaped bread – and the first freely refillable cup of coffee ever offered in the Czech Republic. But it was this easygoing concept that won over Czechs, expats and tourists alike. Friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere, free WiFi – and even free international calls and a childrens’ play area in some locations – helped turn Bohemia Bagel into one of Prague’s best-known gathering spots.

We remain committed to the principles of service and quality, and are happy to be able to serve you at any of the three Bohemia Bagel restaurants in Prague. All locations are right in the center and a few steps off the beaten path, so we can maintain a unique and informal atmosphere.

Holesovice, Prague’s pseudo-steampunk neighborhood, is home to the newest restaurant, opened in 2007. It features daily Czech specials from our executive chef, table service and a full bar. The flagship, next to the bustling Old Town Square, is a high-ceilinged, high-spirited restaurant. And if you find yourself in the Mala Strana, you’ll find our Lazenska location an oasis, tucked away on a quiet side street – a stone’s throw from the famed Charles Bridge.

No matter if you’re in the mood for a taste of away or a taste of home, a business lunch or breakfast on the fly, a place to gather before you go out – or even the place you’ve gathered to go out to! – we have got you covered.

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